The search is over

Every day thousands of web developers journey across the Internet in a quest to find the best CMS ever. If you are one of those, we have good news for you: You can stop searching now, this is it.

Content without limits

Our CMS gives you full freedom over your content. We support all kinds of embeds.

Innovative templates

Templates are easy to use and flexible, and won't force you upon any weird patterns.

Full control

Everything can be fine-tuned with a powerful technology called HTML-attributes.

Host it anywhere

The biggest strength of our CMS is it's great support for different hosting solutions, even the cloud.

Extreme performance

The CMS is built to be lightweight, and as a result it might even be the fastest CMS available.

Install within seconds

Everything is pre-configured, so there are no extra steps. Publish and go.

Free forever

This is our gift to the world. Use your precious money on luxury coffee beans instead!


We believe in an open web, so we publish all source code available on GitHub.


No browser left out

We support all major web browsers out there, and even some minor ones too!

This CMS changed my life. My father accepts me as a family member again!

Liam Russel

Front End Developer
What I love the most with this CMS is that it gives me more time with my cats.

Amy Clark

Systems Architect
Not sure what this is, but I can definitely trust a product site this sexy.

Tracy Rivera

Product Manager


This CMS is vastly superior, because it runs a much more flexible templating system called HTML, and still performs better than most other systems.
All you need is a server that supports Internet.
The CMS is built by a development committee with the following members: Me
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